Sean Wyer


I currently live in London, where I occasionally write for publications like Vittles and, until very recently, Eater London

Most of my work is on food and culture, like my article for Eater London on the campaign to save the Strand's historic India Club, or my essay for Vittles about a multinational Italian market giant: Eataly the Invention of Italian Cuisine

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Academic Work

I am a lecturer and researcher in Italian, based at the University of Oxford. In spring 2024, I received my PhD in Italian Studies from the University of California, Berkeley, where I held a Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship during my last academic year.

My doctoral research, which focuses on Palermo, investigates perceptions of Sicily's Islamic and Jewish heritage, and explores cosmopolitan ideas in political rhetoric. I am also interested in food and identity formation, and am currently working on a separate project on hyper-local culinary traditions in Italy.

Recent publications:

"'Palermo is a Mosaic: Cosmopolitan Rhetoric in the Capital of Sicily", published in Modern Italy (2024).

"Peeling Back the Artichoke Leaves: Symbolism and Origin Stories in Jewish-Roman Cuisine", published in Food, Culture & Society (2024).

"'Sicily Can Be Very Seductive': The White Lotus and the Transnational 'Making' of the Mediterranean", co-authored with Maggie Neil, published in The Italianist (2023).

"Gourmet and the Ghetto: The Foodification of Rome's Historic Jewish Quarter", published in issue 23.3 of Gastronomica (2023).